Email Marketing Tips for a Happy Holiday Season

Holiday Email Marketing Will give You a final Push

For some business owners, Christmas is the only time it counts. According to the National Retail Federation, the holidays can account up to 30% in yearly sales. So when it comes to your email campaign, it’s worth it to send out only the best of the best. Here are a few tips to get started on your holiday campaign trail.


#1: Start Planning Your Holiday Campaign Early

If you haven’t started your email campaign already, what are you waiting for? Because the holidays are such an important event for retailers, it makes sense to plan your Christmas campaign early so that when Halloween is over, you can immediately start letting those holiday emails trickle in. Decide what your focus is on, how many emails you want to send out, and what your strategy is week by week. Christmas is the busiest time of year, so unless you have a planned email campaign going into the holidays, you may be a teensy bit stressed out. If that’s the case, consider hiring a writing staff to send out emails that give your subscriber the warm and fuzzies just by looking at the subject line.

If Jack Skellington is relevant then you should already have your campaign ready to go
If Jack Skellington is relevant, you should already have your campaign ready to go


#2: Deck your subject with Holiday Emojis ⛄️🎄🌨 🎅🏽

According to Campaign Monitor,  emails containing sweet and silly emojis in their subject line have a 45% increase in their open rate. The holidays do funny things to people. Suddenly, cold and grinchy Scrooges find themselves warming up and embracing the twinkling lights and hot cocoa. Not to sound like a corporate goon, but try and capitalize on that feeling. Include emojis in your subject line and not only will your emails stand out, but they might even put a smile on your reader’s face.


#3: Last minute deals count for a lot

When it comes to holiday shopping, some of us (present company included) don’t have the time or organizational skills to go shopping. Embrace these last-minute shoppers, for they are your friends! Do not judge them, as they mean well. Honour their procrastination by making it okay to shop late. Offer them email coupons, discount codes and bundle your products together. Don’t forget to set the right expectations if your shoppers are buying online. You don’t want to promise them next-day shipping and then not deliver until after Christmas.

Santa running down the aisle throwing stuff in his cart
Send your last-minute deals right before they start doing this.

#4: Curate a Holiday Gift Guide/Bundle

Some shoppers need to see how your products work together in order to understand their value. The wow factor of a white blouse is amplified when you match it with a killer black leather pencil skirt and gold French knot earrings. Sold by themselves, your customers might not be so inclined to click. Holiday gift guides are a wonderful and creative way to bundle your products. If you’re a clothing retailer, think outfits. If you sell home accents, focus on a room or a detail of the house, like a mantlepiece. Be the Polyvore of your own business and your customers will start adding to cart.


#5: Give ‘Em a Peak of the Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day is kind of a big deal. Some retailers have started offering their Boxing Day discounts as early as Christmas Eve. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the potential for huge sales. Your subject line should include the words “Boxing Day” so that your reader knows exactly the value of your email.



#6: New Year’s Resolutions = BIG SALES

Most of us, whether we’re aware of it or not, create goals for ourselves when the new year comes around. January first is an ideal day for a fresh start. Get involved with your customers’ new year, new you with value-added emails. Don’t just try to sell them something. Give them tips for staying on track with their goals, advice on avoiding the winter blues, and tie in your products or service to help them stay focused.


#7: Why not a holiday announcement?

This type of email is best sent out at the start of the season. What do you want your customers to know about? Are you offering free shipping on all orders over $50? Are you having a 2-for-1 deal? What about your in-store events? Let them know as soon as possible what to expect.

Announce your holiday news early in the season
Announce your holiday news early in the season

#8: Prepare Christmas De-Stress Tips

Let your readers know you’re on their side. We all know how stressful the holidays can be. That means not inundating their inbox with email clutter, and also showing you care by offering them holiday tips to keep their head above water. Maybe your product or service is just the thing they need to relax and unwind after a busy day baking and shopping and wrapping and party-going.

Don’t hesitate to incorporate some humour into your relaxation tips. After all, laughter is a great destressor. Show your human, caring side by displaying empathy.

Show your customers how to relax

#9: Celebrate your Year’s Best

You worked hard this year, and your customer loyalty was a huge part of that. Take pride in your year and celebrate your accomplishments with your customers by doing a year-end roundup of the year’s best sellers. Instagram is the perfect platform for this, but don’t hesitate to expand your #2016bestnine into an email that allows your customers to shop for your most popular items.


#10: Give Back in a Real Way

Although we sometimes forget, the holidays are a time for giving and not receiving. Show your customer appreciation by emailing genuine thank you cards. Offer giveaways and focus on your gratitude for all your customers have done for your business growth.

If you really want to give back and say thank you in a big way, get involved in a charity. No matter what it is, your customers will appreciate your involvement in a cause. Christmas is the perfect time to give back to your community. Show your passion for your local cause and you’ll be surprised just how generous people can be this time of year. Not sure which charity to donate to? Check out the CRA’s comprehensive list of charitable organizations across the country.


What other email marketing tips have served your company well in the past? Leave a comment or drop me a line.


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