Crafters of the Week: February 8

It’s a Handmaking Celebration!

I’m constantly on the lookout for handmade businesses all over the world. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for handiwork that astounds and inspires me. As this is the very first installment, I must admit that many of the forthcoming crafters that’ll be posted in this series have been on my radar for some time. For instance, I recently squeed all over Instagram when I discovered Drea Renee Knits, but she definitely deserves a better intoduction. For the week of Feb 8, 2017, my favourite crafters, makers, and artists who inspire me are:

Dancey Pants Disco


When I was younger and spending probably too much time at home instead of with friends, I used to make dolls. Some have even survived a few decades, although they are mere piles of cloth compared to Dancey Pants Disco dolls. There’s something otherworldly and yet very nostalgic about these cloth dolls that I just find so endearing. Michelle is an extremely talented visionary and artist. You can find her dolls and other wares on her website. She seems like a truly free and creative spirit and I would love to meet her one day!

Drea Renee Knits

Something new is coming tomorrow!! 🎉🎉🎉

A post shared by Andrea Mowry (@dreareneeknits) on


Maybe I’ve splurged about Drea Renee Knits too much already, but I just can’t help myself! It may sound funny, but I think by just looking at her, you can tell she’s an extremely warm and caring individual. But even if you never see a picture of her, you will certainly be seduced by her absolutely gorgeous knitting patterns and use of colour. Her patterns blend vintage style with modern colour work to make wearable knits for every occasion.

Phoebe Wahl

What can I say about Phoebe Wahl that doesn’t make me sound like a geeky, love-struck fan? With over 36 thousand followers on Instagram, Phoebe’s genius is gaining recognition and praise from all over the world. Her style is so special, but for some reason, I can’t put my finger on an adjective to properly describe her work. The only thing I can say with certainty is that her artwork is something that my grandparents would appreciate—and I mean that in a good way. Her work speaks to our yearning to return home, which we always seem to lose as we get older and forever try to find again. Although only in her twenties, it’s obvious she’s an incredibly hard worker and passionate about her craft.

Good Night, Day


Props goes out to a fellow Canadian carving a niche for herself in this highly competitive market. And hey! We have the same last name. Tara-Lynn Morrison’s designs are modern, simple and sustainably sourced. Scrolling through Good Night, Day’s lookbooks is like flipping the pages of a coffee table photography portfolio. Her aesthetic is minimalist but incredibly beautiful, each picture drawing you in to appreciate every expert stitch, every detail. If you’ve ever considered building a capsule wardrobe, Good Night, Day is a great place to start.

What’s Next For Crafters of the Week?

As you might have noticed, this week’s first installment of Crafters of the Week was lacking in “hard fibre” artists. I am on the lookout for jewellery designers, potters, builders, carpenters, you name it! Send your portfolio my way to be featured on Crafters of the Week. Contact me directly or follow me on Instagram @genny_morr.

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