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Crafters of the Week: Feb 15

Weekly Round-Up of My Favourite Makers

Last week was all about the knits. This week I almost managed to completely branch out into other handmade trades, however, some knits managed to slip in! I can’t say I’m sorry, though. Wait till you see! This week, my 5 favourite makers come from The Netherlands, America, Norway, and the UK.

What I love about these crafters is that their trades have been around for thousands of years. They fulfill our very basic needs like eating, playing, and staying warm. However, the skill and craftsmanship are rare and deeply rooted in old-fashioned methods.

Here are my favourite crafters, makers and artisans for February 15th, 2017:

#1: Old World Kitchen by Polder’s Old World Market


Old World Kitchen wares is a family-run company based in the United States. Their collection of wooden spoons, linen napkins and copperware (and much, much more) are so thoughtfully designed that you won’t be able to look at cutlery the same way again. If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking or cooking for your family, Old World Kitchen would probably suit you quite nicely.

#2: Paelas Knits


Just look at these adorable knits! Paelas is a knitwear pattern company made up of three women from Norway. I just love the fun little details on the bloomers in the second photograph. Paelas sells adorable patterns for children up to the age of six. There’s something very precious and timeless about the designs. These knits definitely aren’t something you’ll find at Baby Gap. Surprise the mother-to-be in your life with a handmade knitted onesie. Get their patterns directly from their website or Ravelry.

#3: Kleiwerk

Buy This Teapot for Three from Kleiwerk’s Etsy Shop | Photo Credit: Kleiwerk
Buy this gorgeous handthrown bowl | Photo credit: Kleiwerk

For as long as people have been cooking and preparing their meals, they have been making pots, pans, bowls, kettles and everything else that helps us cook, prepare, and eat our food. Kleiwerk’s style of “handthrown functional ceramics” blends utility and minimalism. Each piece he makes is gorgeous and absolutely flawless. His work turns eating and drinking into thoughtful past times. Browsing through his Etsy shop is more satisfying than spending an entire afternoon at a William Sonoma. Go ahead. Take a peak!

#4: Chloe Giordano

Moth brooches are now in the shop!

A post shared by Chloe Giordano (@chloegiordano_embroidery) on


I LOVE how embroidery is coming back in a major way. You can’t browse through Etsy without finding something beautiful like the completely outstanding work of Chloe Giordano. I can’t get over the detail in Chloe’s work. Her craft is absolutely immaculate, and I’m sure the 50k followers on Instagram think so too. Sew or glue-on appliqués just can’t compare to the beautiful stitching and attention to detail of these three-dimensional shapes. Even the tiniest flowers have shading on them.

#5: Woodland Sister Dolls


For a second week in a row, a dollmaker has made its way to my 5 favourite crafters of the week. But can you blame me? Maybe I’m just in a childish mood, but I just love how cute and whimsical these Woodland Sister Dolls are. I may be mistaken, but these soft cloth dolls seem safe for children at any age, and without any plastic eyes, you don’t have to worry about something accidentally popping off one day. Handmade dolls have been found in prehistoric grave sites reaching back thousands of years. Even when leisure was something only afforded to the very rich or noble, children of all classes always had dolls to play with. Check out Woodland Sister Dolls to find the perfect doll for your little one.

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