Jenny Lemons & YAYU: Crafters of the Week

Jenny Lemons & YAYU: Crafters of the Week

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This week in the handmade world, I’ve decided to narrow down my focus on two makers who work in completely separate spaces. In the past COTW posts, I focused a lot on knitwear and doll makers. But this week, I decided to go in a slightly different direction by introducing a funky, quirky, happy textile designer and a chic and elegant jewelry designer.

So without further ado, I present to you this week’s Crafters of the Week for March 1st!

Jenny Lemons

Linen pineapple top on the lovely 🍍

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As you can see, Jenny Lemons blends beautiful craftsmanship with a happy, unique aesthetic that automatically puts a smile on your face. Her designs are an absolute mood booster, and her craftswomanship is unbeatable. You can tell that a lot of fine sewing and careful planning and attention to detail go into her creations.

Every aspect of her work is entirely crafted by hand. From selecting the fabric to designing and sewing the garment or textile to block printing/painting/dyeing each and every cheerful piece of fruit.

Jenny runs her studio in San Francisco, and you can tell all that sunlight and yummy local produce has been a major influence on her work. If your wardrobe or kitchen place setting needs a serious pick-me-up, I’m pretty sure Jenny Lemons can fix that problem. Don’t her clothes make you wish summer would come faster?!

You can check out her Etsy shop here.

YAYU Creations

YAYU – which stands for, “Your Art, Your Utopia” – is a Toronto-based jewelry brand that sells elegant, modern and totally wearable pieces. The store owner and creator, Sarah Fransen, blends North American tribal motifs into her designs, which I absolutely love. What this handcrafted jewelry demonstrates is that you don’t have to make huge elaborate pieces to make a statement.

My mom used to make her own earrings and wire-wrap bracelets just for fun, and while she was very talented at it, everything she made was HUGE! Massive beads and long chains were her major design elements. When she used to make them, big jewelry was pretty much the only thing people wore. These days, bling is all about how tiny and stackable something can be. The smaller the better, which makes it even more difficult to create something that’s eye-catching and beautiful.

I think YAYU Creations finds that balance. This product line is subtle yet extremely effective; beautiful and simple. But if you look at her bracelets, you can truly understand and appreciate the painstaking artistry.

Check out YAYU’s Etsy page here.

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