Hire Me as a Content Writer

Service Price Notes
Blog Post $0.10/word + $20/hour for research Descriptive, optimized quality content using up-to-date SEO practices and emotive terms with latent semantic indexing (LSI)
Web & Print Copy $1.00/word *Consultation required

Popular copy:

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Product Descriptions


Email Marketing Please email me *Initial Consultation required, but on-going monthly meetings are a must.
Proofreading $30/hour Before submitting your final draft, I will check for spelling, grammar, consistency, clarity and context.

If the document is for web, this proofreading phase ensures that all your internal and external links are working and that your content is properly optimized.

Other Please email me If you require something like product descriptions, please let me know

Writing Samples

As a freelancer, I usually work with branding and marketing firms who hire me to write for their clients. As such, if you would like to see some samples, I would be happy to send them to you directly.