Email Marketing Tips for a Happy Holiday Season

Holiday Email Marketing Will give You a final Push For some business owners, Christmas is the only time it counts. According to the National Retail Federation, the holidays can account up to 30% in yearly sales. So when it comes to your email campaign, it's worth it to send out only the best of the… Continue reading Email Marketing Tips for a Happy Holiday Season

10 Free Online Tools For New Content Writers

10 free online tools for content writers featured image

Tools for Getting Started As a freelancer just getting started, I knew right from the beginning that my budget was going to be small...really, really small. So small that I gave myself six months to invest in basic business necessities, such as a website, logo and business cards. But when it came to finding the… Continue reading 10 Free Online Tools For New Content Writers

3 Ways to Put a Content Writer to Work

Not All Content is Created Equal What are two things every business has in common?  They are all run by people and they all serve customers. A customer can look very different from business to business, whether it's a patient, an animal or a consumer. But the truth is, you're selling something...and so is everyone… Continue reading 3 Ways to Put a Content Writer to Work