Jenny Lemons & YAYU: Crafters of the Week

Jenny Lemons & YAYU: Crafters of the Week

Handmade Hardware & Software This week in the handmade world, I've decided to narrow down my focus on two makers who work in completely separate spaces. In the past COTW posts, I focused a lot on knitwear and doll makers. But this week, I decided to go in a slightly different direction by introducing a… Continue reading Jenny Lemons & YAYU: Crafters of the Week

Crafters of the Week: Feb 15

Crafters of the week for Feb 15 title image

Weekly Round-Up of My Favourite Makers Last week was all about the knits. This week I almost managed to completely branch out into other handmade trades, however, some knits managed to slip in! I can't say I'm sorry, though. Wait till you see! This week, my 5 favourite makers come from The Netherlands, America, Norway, and… Continue reading Crafters of the Week: Feb 15

Boho Crochet Drawstring Backpack: FREE PATTERN

free pattern boho crochet drawstring backpack

For some of us, it may feel like we're in the dead of winter, but spring is right around the corner. Maybe that's why I subconsciously whipped up this Boho Crochet Drawstring Backpack pattern—to conjure warmer weather!  If you're the music festival-going type or you just love the boho chic look that threatens to take over… Continue reading Boho Crochet Drawstring Backpack: FREE PATTERN

5 Reasons to Give Away Your Handmade Products

There's Never a Wrong Time to Be Generous I might not have appreciated my grandmother's knitted sweaters when I was a kid, but as a grown up, I can't think of anything sweeter and more thoughtful than a handmade gift. The time put into making something just for you is extremely humbling and really shows the… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Give Away Your Handmade Products